JANUARY 26TH, 2024


Dear investor/entrepreneur,

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This letter explains the reasoning behind the strategic evolution of Bolt Angels and the impact to potential investors and entrepreneurs seeking investment.

Due to the success of our past investments, and the incredible growth trajectory of both JAAQ and Cudo, we have focussed all of our efforts into supporting these two businesses.

As a consequence of this decision, we are no longer accepting requests from companies seeking investment.

We have also launched a waiting list for investors because we are fully subscribed.

We will be opening our secondary market for Capital Partners in April and May and we will be reviewing new investor applications at that time.

If you are a high net worth and/or sophisticated investor and you wish to join our waiting list, please complete the form below.

After submission, you'll receive further details regarding the qualification criteria, application process and information about Bolt Angels.

If your firm or family office is actively investing in technology businesses at Series A, and you write cheques from £500,000 to £5million, then please contact us if JAAQ or Cudo are of interest to you.

We apologise for any disappointment to entrepreneurs seeking investment, but we wish you the best of success with your business.

You can follow the growth of JAAQ and Cudo via my LinkedIn page or other social media channels.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Bolton (Managing Partner)

David Bell (Managing Director)




Triple Whale is a sophisticated data and analytics platform that enhances the performance of ecommerce businesses and makes a positive social impact.

Bolt invested in the $5m pre-seed round and exited on a partial secondary at Series B on a valuation of $400 million.

This achieved a 4,200% post-dilution gain in under three years. Bolt sold 30% at Series B and holds 70% of their original investment in the company.

Triple Whale is aiming to reach a multi-billion dollar valuation within the next three years.

Logo for tech company Triple Whale


Bolt invested £4million into JAAQ in two seed rounds in 2022 and 2023 and also introduced Mo Gawdat, billionaire Jim Mellon and Roger Black MBE as investors and advisors.

The company has a mission to improve the mental health of more than one billion children and adults and it provides support through two incredible B2B and DTC platforms.

In less than two years, JAAQ has Bupa, NatWest and WorkDay as clients and has scores of celebrities like Davina McCall, Paul Merson and Marcus Smith on the platform.

The company is also remarkable for a technology business because it could achieve profitability in 2024, just seven months after launching its first commercial product.

Steve Bolton is a mentor to the founder (Danny Gray) and Chief Strategy Officer, David Bell is the Chief Financial Officer and John Reynolds is the Relationship Director.

Logo for mental health platform JAAQ


Cudo is riding the wave of AI and the huge demand for sustainable High Performance Compute.

The team behind Cudo successfully founded and exited the UK’s largest data centre business in 2016.

They then created a marketplace similar to AirBnB, where buyers and sellers can list and rent hardware like Nvidia’s H100s.

Bolt led and closed a £12m seed round for Cudo Compute in 2023.

Cudo is currently acquiring its own sustainable high performance compute infrastructure, with the aim of deploying 45,000 GPUs over the next five years and generating over $1 billion in Annual Recurring Revenues.

David Bell is the Chief Financial Officer, Steve Bolton is a Strategic Board Advisor and mentor to the co-founders Matt Hawkins and Pete Hill, and John Reynolds is the Relationship Director for Cudo.

Logo for computing company CUDO


If you are a high net worth or sophisticated investor interested in being considered as a Capital Partner, please complete the short form.

You will receive further details regarding the qualification criteria, application process and information about Bolt Angels.

Alternatively, you can call:

Natalie Windsor on 07590 214 926

Email n.windsor@boltangels.co.uk

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